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Online shopping


In each case, the seller will choose the more convenient option individually, because, for example, if Internet Commerce is regional sales, there is no need to use WebMoney, in this case it will be enough regular transfers to a Bank account. "Shopping village" is very popular as the Europeans, and visitors because of the quality of products, wide selection and huge discounts[4]. At the moment, Internet Commerce performed using conventional payment methods, and payment of the electronic money. At the moment the most successful model of selling resource is an online store that makes such a sphere as the Internet Commerce convenient for the buyer. The period of clearance sales is often combined with holidays. In 1960 American American Airlines and IBM begin to create automation procedures for reservation of seats for flights. Once the seller has found a new niche for selling your own products, in the Internet there are various commercial areas, which essentially boils down to one thing: the implementation of selling products or services to the buyer. Long time Internet Commerce was mainly in the sale of advertising space, e-publications and softwares. In recent years, many operations on the collection of taxes, filling out questionnaires, forms for ordering supplies, working with customs began to be carried out with the help of Internet technologies. E-Commerce on the Internet (e-commerce) is a commercial activity in the field of advertising and distribution of goods and services through the use of the Internet. Today, online Commerce has been widely developed. Internet Commerce is a activity on the Internet, based on the profit during the implementation of the sale and purchase of products or services, during which a cycle of financial or commercial transactions carried out using Internet technologies. Therefore, in the process of translating good ideas into a functioning scheme involved a large number of specialists in various fields. We can say that Internet Commerce is a separate kind of transaction of sale and purchase, the functionality of which is based on the use of new technologies, and, therefore, requires new solutions. Itself Internet Commerce in the form of the first attempts of e-Commerce has been around since 1992. The buyer transfers any given amount of conventional money in the Bank, and in return receives a certain amount of digital money that exists only in electronic form and stored in a "wallet" (using special software) on the computer buyer. The Internet is quite extensive and contains a huge amount of resources of a similar orientation, so to stand out among them, you need to make some effort. Today, online Commerce has been widely developed. They are not so popular, but still used in some specific cases. Under the far in most European capitals — London (England), Paris (France), Vienna (Austria), Rome, Milan (Italy), etc.

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